A book about Japan that you should read: Japan Story


Book review by Matt S.  “Without military power”, Japan’s education minister announced in a radio address back in September 1945, “we go forward with culture.” His comment envisioned the country’s peaceful reinvention via education and the arts. Finding quality accounts of the development of Japan through its modern history is…

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Review: Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms (Sony PlayStation Vita)


Review by Matt S. Just to get this out of the way first; if you haven’t played the first Hakuoki (Kyoto Winds – my review here) first, don’t think about jumping in with Edo Blossoms. This sequel does give you the briefest of introductions and background as a refresher, so…

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VIDEO: Learning history through Samurai Warriors! Okehazama and Nobunaga Oda


Video by Matt S. Okehazama was the first major battle in the Sengoku period (and the first “level” in most Samurai Warriors games). It was a battle that asserted Nobunaga Oda’s tactical mastery and the battle that put the events of the Sengoku period in motion. Here we look at…

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