The games of August! Also the sad state of Aussie games (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #25)


It was a very sad week for the games industry last week, with one of the finest and most respected game developers, Defiant Development, closing up shop despite being behind the critical darlings Hand of Fate and Hand of Fate 2. We talk a bit about where Aussie game development…

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The Friday Ten: PlayStation 4’s top ten indie games (to date)


List by Matt S.  The PlayStation 4 has plenty more years in it yet, but one of its most compelling selling points has been the robust support the console has enjoyed from independent developers. As much as we all like the blockbusters, we also like a good, earnest indie game.…

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The Friday Ten: The ten essential PlayStation 4 indie titles


The PlayStation 4 is proving itself to be an indie powerhouse, with new games from small independent developers landing on the PlayStation Network every week. While many would argue that these can’t replace the big AAA blockbusters, these indie games nevertheless help to round out the console experience, providing players…

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