The Friday Ten: Celebrate the Nintendo Switch’s first birthday with these games


List by Matt S. Can you believe that the Nintendo Switch is one year old? Only one year old? I genuinely can’t remember not having that console at hand; it gives me a home console experience while on the go, and that’s something really valuable to me. In just a…

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The Friday Ten: The ten essential PlayStation 4 indie titles


The PlayStation 4 is proving itself to be an indie powerhouse, with new games from small independent developers landing on the PlayStation Network every week. While many would argue that these can’t replace the big AAA blockbusters, these indie games nevertheless help to round out the console experience, providing players…

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Interview: The mind behind SteamWorld Dig on Nintendo and indie development


A few weeks back developer Image & Form released a rather spectacular little platformer on the 3DS eShop. SteamWorld Dig is a hugely creative and charming game, and promises some great things for the SteamWorld franchise into the future. While Image & Form doesn’t restrict itself to Nintendo platforms, it…

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