Persona 4 Dancing, Diablo clones and arthouse Nintendo Switch games! (Digitally Uploaded 2018, Episode #14)


An interesting gamut of things to talk about this week – Persona 4 Dancing All Night (boy are we looking forward to the PlayStation 4 version of that), Diablo and its clones, and then an arthouse Nintendo Switch game. Which one? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!…

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Diablo 3 receives the mother of all patches


There’s going to be a temporary outage to the Diablo servers shortly as Blizzards game is patched. Don’t fear, team 37, because this outage is going to be worth it. According to the forums, here’s what’s going to be updated. As you can see, this is a massive patch. This…

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Diablo 3 is the biggest game on the planet right now, so it’s likely that you’ve already formed an opinion on it. You might hate it for its always-on DRM and the regular Error 37s that stop you connecting to the server. Maybe you’re a fan and you’ve completed it…

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Diablo III, 3.5/10? Gamer entitlement strikes again!


Just a quick note to point out something that is, frankly, utterly embarrassing for the gaming community: Diablo III’s Metacritic score (user ratings) is sitting at 3.5/10.Before I go on, I do want to clarify: there are some good, genuine complaints raised by some of those user reviews. And nor,…

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