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Diablo 3’s now infamous ‘Error 37’ is seriously gaining life as an internet meme. Now even companies like Headup are getting in on the act.

Memes are like starlight aren’t they? Burning bright one minute, snuffed out in a massive burst of radioactive discharge the next… or something like that.

Not ones to sit on their hands and just let the newly released Diablo 3’s game ending Error 37 go by without poking a little fun, the guys and gals at Headup Games have begun a new promotion today for their own hack ‘n’ slash (and blast) Greed: Black Border.

Due to recent events we are offering to interested and potentially frustrated Hack’n’Slash gamers worldwide the possibility to enjoy a DRM-free game experience. For the next few days we are offering our action-RPG “Greed – Black Border” in our shop for only 0,99 €. All that needs to be done to receive the discount is to enter “error37” in the corresponding field during the purchase and the gates to hell, sorry, space, will open…

It’s all in good fun of course, and why not try to win some fans while that other dungeon crawl is semi-out of commission? Head over to Headup’s storefront to take advantage. Where’s that you ask? Why it’s ri… Error 37.

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