Review: Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition (PlayStation 4)


Review by Matt S. The Tomb Raider reboot is worthy of a great deal of praise. It was quality entertainment when it was originally released on last-gen consoles, and the same remains true for the upscaled PlayStation 4 game. If you are a console-orientated person, and don’t have a high-spec…

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It’s ridiculous to claim that any single year is, objectively, the best year ever for gaming. Not only are you competing against nostalgia (a powerful force, that), but every year produces great games. To say one is better than any other is to ignore the achievements of games from previous…

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Tomb Raider; a commercial failure at only 3.4 million sales


Following yesterday’s revelation that Square Enix’s CEO is stepping down and the company is reporting very disappointing results comes the revelation that the critical darling, Tomb Raider, has crashed and burned as a commercial venture. The sales numbers look great, of course – Square Enix is expecting to sell 3.4…

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Jump scares are easy. True horror is hard. The games industry has struggled to create true horror games. Part of the issue has been technical – genuine horror relies on players being able to relate to what’s going on, and blocky or pixelated representations of people are difficult to relate…

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