Gallery: Cosplayers at EB Games Expo 2013

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Ah cosplayers. No gaming, anime or movie convention would be quite the same without them. This year I must say there were fewer cosplayers hanging around the EB Games Expo than there was last year, but the Just Cos cosplay competition that is a major part of the event drew them in droves.

Naturally we were there with our camera on to take photos of the best, the most creative, the weirdest and the downright frightening. Below you’ll find a gallery of 22 of our favourites from the day; just click on them for the full version.

We can make a game of this as well! Let’s see how many of the characters that people dressed up as that you can recognise. I’m pretty sure I got most of them, though I’m not sure if one of them below is from Bleach, or something else that I haven’t seen. If there are any in here that you don’t recognise, let us know in the comments and we’ll try and figure out who is who 😉

The Just Cos competition is largely for fun and giggles, but there is a somewhat more serious side – there were judges and prizes given out to the best costumes. People were apparently judged on both the quality of their costumes, as well as the little in-character performances they gave on stage. I’m not sure how, exactly, it’s possible to judge these things, but I’m sure it’s completely legitimate.

Just so you all know, the before-and-after Tomb Raider duo were the ones that won. I actually guessed as much. I guess I can be a cosplay judge? Anyway, enjoy the slideshow!

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