Review: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers (Sony PlayStation 4)


Despite the proliferation of LEGO games out there, TT Games has managed to keep the series fresh enough to keep people’s interest year after year. It helps that the different inspirations they take are often wildly different from one another, from Jurassic Park to superheroes, Star Wars and more. LEGO…

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Let’s pretend for a few seconds that your favourite film franchise of all time is Bad Boys. You wield such adoration for the series that when a videogame – Bad Boys: Miami Takedown – based on it was released, you quit your job, told your girlfriend you were “recruited” by…

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Doctor Who meets Batman, Gandalf, and Homer Simpson in LEGO Dimensions


It seems only logical that everyone’s favourite time-travelling Doctor would make an appearance in a game with Lego Dimensions. With the recent Comic-Con reveal of the Doctor Who/ LEGO Dimensions trailer and details, Warner Bros. might as well start depositing every single paycheck of ours directly into its bank account.…

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