Review by Matt S.  Hitman is one of those rare few “triple-A” blockbusters that doesn’t treat its players like idiots. And that’s why I like it. Smart and snappy, with a blend of dry and dark humour, Hitman 2 is a fine continuation of the series, and proof that the…

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Review: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers (Sony PlayStation 4)


Despite the proliferation of LEGO games out there, TT Games has managed to keep the series fresh enough to keep people’s interest year after year. It helps that the different inspirations they take are often wildly different from one another, from Jurassic Park to superheroes, Star Wars and more. LEGO…

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Review: Batman: Arkham Knight (Sony PlayStation 4)


The prior two Arkham games were tremendous successes and they were among my favourite titles on the last generation of game consoles. Rocksteady Studios had a mountain of excitement built up for the final game in the series, which almost always guarantees tremendous sales but also the potential for letting…

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