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Let’s pretend for a few seconds that your favourite film franchise of all time is Bad Boys. You wield such adoration for the series that when a videogame – Bad Boys: Miami Takedown – based on it was released, you quit your job, told your girlfriend you were “recruited” by “The Bro Ops,” and traded your entire game collection for two copies of Smith’s/Lawrence’s virtual magnum opus.

You returned home.

You placed the game in your system.

Ten minutes in, you realised that, besides a shooting mechanic so inaccurate that it must’ve been modeled after a drunkard attempting to skip stones off a puddle of spilled Vodka, your two wildin’ brotagonists neither looked nor sounded anything like the characters they should have been based on.

In fact, they looked and sounded like unequivocal goons. Such absolute disappointment!

That won’t be the case with Lego Dimensions, for while not every character will resemble the actor who played them, you can be confident in the familiarity of their voice work.

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I mean, you might need some bandages for how ferociously you’ll be Starstruck. Because Dimensions is a compilation of several movie and television universes, several high profile actors, such as Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd of Back to the Future, will be reprising iconic roles, adding familiarity and authenticity to the game’s dialogue. Though it must be mentioned, some voice roles, such as Gandalf’s, will be performed by talented replacements.

Here are a few of the actors and their respectful roles:

  • Chris Pratt: Emmet Brickowoski / Owen Grady
  • Michael J. Fox: Marty McFly
  • Christopher Lloyd: Dr. Emmett Brown
  • Troy Baker: Batman / The Joker / Two-Face / Slimer
  • Lara Bailey: Wonder Woman
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: Claire Dearing
  • Gary Oldman: Lord Vortech (Villain)
  • And too many more!

Check out the trailer for a glimpse of more of the cast (that unfortunately does not include an apologetic Will Smith). You can look forward to Lego Dimensions on September 27th in NA, and September 29th in EU. It will be available for nearly every console under the sun (Playstation 3, X Box 360, Wii U, XBox One, and PlayStation 4).

– Jedediah H.

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