Scar comes to Disney Dreamlight Valley


I apologize that this new is a few hours late. In all honesty, getting me to put down my Switch to write this was basically like pulling teeth. That being said, Disney Dreamlight Valley has been my obsession for weeks now. I played for easily six to eight hours a…

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Review: Modern Combat: Blackout (Nintendo Switch)


Review by Matt S. Gameloft represents a lot of things that I find genuinely offensive about big business game development. The company takes popular ideas that other developers and publishers have pioneered, cribs them wholesale, and then dumps them for free (or close to free, but of course always with…

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Review: Modern Combat 3 (iPad)


As much as I try, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid Gameloft. As a rule of thumb I don’t like what Gameloft produces as it tends to be technically competent, but soulless and cynical copies of better games, but sometimes Gameloft hits the big time with its franchises. Modern Combat is…

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Review: Six Guns (iPad)


Gameloft has, with Six Guns, descended into a level of game development depravity so low there should be a circle of hell reserved just for it. The game is so cynical that it’s genuinely insulting to anyone who downloads it. Nominally it’s a free game to download and play, but…

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