For the love of Tohka, Idea Factory, announce a localisation of Date A Live: Ren Dystopia already


News by Matt S. The latest chapter in the Date A Live visual novel series lands in Japan on September 24, and in gearing up to that release, developer Compile Heart has released the opening movie and a five-minute gameplay video… Lord do I hope there’s a western localisation on…

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SNK Gals’ Fighters Vs. SNK Heroines – all girl fan service action


Video by Matt S.  Just last week, SNK Gals’ Fighters was released on Nintendo Switch. A brilliant port of an old Neo Geo Pocket Color title, Fighters preempted SNK Heroines from 2018. And yet, despite the super-modest hardware and two-button approach to fighting, Gals’ Fighters is arguably the superior of…

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