Hunt: Showdown is great fun… but should have been single player


Video by Matt S. As a fan of horror, I was really keen to check Hunt: Showdown out, now that it has finally landed on PlayStation 4. Crytek’s multiplayer horror-em-up always looked like it was going to deliver something special as a deep south B-grade Gothic horror experience. Unfortunately, while…

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BG News Wrap: 6/27/14


Plenty to talk about this past week on BG including Crytek’s possible bankruptcy woes, the emergence of a possible release date for Batman: Arkham Knight, more Phil Fish nuttiness, and tha announcement of a new The Settlers game. Crytek in Crisis talks over bankruptcy claims Although things have stabilized somewhat in…

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Review: Crysis 3 (PS3)


I’m the first to admit I’m not a fan of the FPS genre, but I do make an exception with the Crysis series. The reason that I manage to enjoy this specific series is that it resolves the one main issue that I have with the FPS genre; the genre…

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