The Friday Ten: Ten games I loved that most people did not


List by Matt S. I know that my taste in games can be somewhat different to what people in the “mainstream” like to play. And I’m quite comfortable with that. I can only be me, and I would find life quite boring if I agreed with the mainstream on everything.…

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The Friday Ten: The ten best PlayStation Vita games


List by Matt S. The PlayStation Vita still has some games in it, let’s get that out of the way from outset. The release schedule isn’t massive, but there’s a steady trickle of releases that should keep us going through the console’s twilight. But we are at the point where…

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We should be celebrating our B-grade games


Opinion by Matt S.  I am playing an Earth Defence Force game for the first time with Earth Defence Force 4.1 on the PlayStation 4. Yes, I know I probably should have played one of these games sooner because, yes, they fall right smack bang into the category of ‘games…

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Review: Criminal Girls: Invite Only (Sony PlayStation Vita)


“Oh my, this game is going to be controversial.” These were my thoughts almost immediately after I started playing Criminal Girls: Invite Only (I may or may not be paraphrasing my thoughts to remove expletives there). And after reading the first batch of reviews I guessed correctly – already there…

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