Want to play Final Fantasy XIII and VII on your iPad? There’s an app for that


News by Matt S. Square Enix has taken a step into Cloud gaming in announcing Dive In. This app will allow you to stream games to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet in return for a subscription fee for each individual game. You’ll need a reasonably fast WiFi service…

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Interview: Pachter on the PlayStation 4, Cloud gaming and the damage multiplayer is doing to the industry


Here at Digitally Downloaded, we recently got in touch with notorious business analyst Michael Pachter ahead of the apparent PlayStation 4 announcement scheduled for February 20th. We spoke to him regarding his expectations and perspectives on the PS4 as well as its potential impact on Sony, the next generation and…

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One of the more intriguing pre-E3 rumours has been that one about Sony forming a Cloud partnership with, well, someone. Personally, I’m rather hoping it is OnLive so I can say “I called it,” but pettiness aside, this is possibly the best thing to happen to Sony in a long…

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