The analysts speak; online services, digital distribution and consumer friendliness


Two weeks ago, we spoke with representatives of three different analysis firms who specialised in the video-games industry, gathering their forecasts and perspectives on various matters concerning the industry at present. The topics of interest included the controversy on used games, concerns towards games pricing and AAA development costs, as…

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The analysts speak; sales, budgets and the next-gen console war


Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion as to where the gaming industry is headed in the immediate future. With the next generation of consoles fully looming upon us now, there are a number of questions to be answered on what we’re to be faced with in the next couple…

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Interview: Pachter on the PlayStation 4, Cloud gaming and the damage multiplayer is doing to the industry


Here at Digitally Downloaded, we recently got in touch with notorious business analyst Michael Pachter ahead of the apparent PlayStation 4 announcement scheduled for February 20th. We spoke to him regarding his expectations and perspectives on the PS4 as well as its potential impact on Sony, the next generation and…

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