In what may be considered the most unexpected twist of the decade (we are not even two years in!), Valve has decided that Steam must consume every digital software market rather than just the digital gaming market. Yes, Valve has decided that Steam must also sell software. In a news…

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Steam’s Summer 2012 Sale: Day 8 and Day 9 (and the aftermath)


War has its consequences. It is bound to leave a few bodies on each side and hurt countless other people in its wake. And even then sometimes no one side wins a war; both sides may give up and and attempt to address the destruction the war has caused both…

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Valve Corporation’s Steam is known for many things, but one of the services most prominent aspects is the game sales. The sales often range from 10 percent off to a massive 80 percent off individual games and game packages, making it a viable and popular option for low-budget PC gamers.…

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