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Monday, July 23, 2012

Steam's Summer 2012 Sale: Day 11 (the finale)

All things must come to an end. While this means that evil will eventually fall, so will good. It is a sad reality that each of us must come to bear. However, all endings do not have to be bad ones. Steam is doing its best to end its Summer Sale on a high note.

Today is the last day of the Steam Summer Sale for 2012. That means that all of the brakes are off; go Steam crazy. You always wanted the uber-popular FPS? Buy it. Wanted that obscure strategy game made by an independent developer? Buy it. Have you been eying those publisher packs? Buy them. For the last time, the prices are listed in US dollars only;
Today we see the last of the indie bundles, Indie Bundle 11. The bundle includes Hydrophobia: Prophecy, ORION: Dino Beatdown, Star Ruler, Waveform, and World of Goo. If you are going to be picky and choosy, I highly recommend picking up World of Goo. The game is a magnificent tower-creating puzzle game that is one of the best games I have ever played.

The Flash Sales are about to come to an end, but here are the current ones;
 For today's daily deals, there are only two games that I can recommend. If you missed out on it when the game released, it's a good time to pick up the original Bioshock. While I believe the game is overrated, it is a very solid single-player FPS game that does have a very unique setting. Secondly, I recommend Psychonauts. It's basically the most gameplay-focused of Tim Schafers opuses, which means that it is utterly unique and wacky in every respect and does not involve extremely inane point-and-click logic.

And so the Steam sale ends. Were you able to resist the temptations? If not, what did you get? Post away in the comments section below.
Steam's Summer 2012 Sale: Day 11 (the finale)
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