Interview: Pencil Test Studio’s Mike Dietz on claymation, The Neverhood, and Armikrog


There is just something about claymation that triggers memories of childhood; whether it was Bump in the Night or Gumby and Pokey, nearly everyone had at least one experience with the animation style. In 1996, Pencil Test Studios released a point-and-click adventure game titled The Neverhood, but it wasn’t a…

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Catch-up coffee Monday: July 6, 2015


Welcome to Digitally Downloaded’s newest weekly feature, Catch up coffee Monday! Each Monday we will bring you the best news from the previous week that you may have missed. What better thing to do with your Monday morning coffee then catch up with us? LKA announces The Town of Light…

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It’s undeniable that the retro gaming aesthetic is a major force in gaming. Tapping into the nostalgia for simplicity and pixels, developers, from the indies right through to the big publishers, are investing in games that appeal to that specific community. And that’s what two industry veterans, Mike Kennedy and…

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