Did you miss any of our streams last week? Catch up here!


Article by Matt S. Last week we delved into an all-time classic Final Fantasy for our retro stream, played a bit of beach volleyball for the DDNet After Dark fanservice session, and continued the adventures of Hinako and her friends in Blue Reflection. Then we undertook a disasterous military campaign…

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The Friday Ten: Ten games that deserve a (much) better reputation


List by Matt S. It’s been a while since we did a Friday Ten, but I figured that since we’re all self isolating, now would be a good time to highlight some games to play that you may well have missed previously. Unfortunately there are more than a few releases…

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Ranking the Final Fantasy series! (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #28)


With the HD remaster of Final Fantasy VIII released this week, the DDNet team took the opportunity to look back at all the Final Fantasy (numbered) series, and talk about the good, the bad, and the way the series has evolved over time. That’s right. From Final Fantasy I through…

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