Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (Nintendo Switch)


Review by Matt S. On the grand scale of disappointments in video games, I do think that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition will rank highly. The original, released way back on the GameCube, was a delightful little game. It was a homage to everything people loved about Final Fantasy,…

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Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Harvard L. It’s that time of year again – an open-world game from Ubisoft, this time in its Ghost Recon franchise. Breakpoint is a direct sequel to 2017’s Wildlands, and aims to be a more tactical, action focused alternative to the wacky emergent gameplay of last year’s Far…

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Review: Star Wars Battlefront II (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Nick H. As a tremendous fan of the Star Wars universe, this beautiful, fast-paced game manages to tickle and please the senses while making my head and heart hurt at the same time. Unfortunately for everything that Star Wars Battlefront II gets right along the way, it has…

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Review: Micro Machines World Series (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Sam M. In what is a fond memory of mine, I inherited from my grandfather his collection of Matchbox cars. Some weren’t in that great condition, nor were most of them rare or collectible by any means, but often, much to the amusement of my grand imagination as…

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Review: For Honor (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Nick H. The premise of taking the addictive qualities that make online competitive shooters so popular and doing something unique with the medieval setting that replaces guns with swords and axes is a good one. A really good one. And there are a lot of really great ideas…

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