Dead or Alive has a new character (sort of)


News by Matt S.  Over in Japan, there’s a PC version of the rather voyeurtastic (I’m trademarking that word) Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. And on that version of the game (which is formally called Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation), Koei has produced another new character, Tamaki. Related reading:…

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The upcoming range of Hatsune Miku figures includes a wedding dress and my wallet is weeping


News by Matt S.  After Tokyo Game Show, the most awesome event on the calendar each year has got to be Japan’s Summer Wonder Festival, where all the figure and collectibles manufacturers come together to show off everything that is going to inflict pain on our wallets in the coming…

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The Friday Ten: 10 must misunderstood “pervy” anime games


List by Matt S. There was one of the semi-frequent Internet blow-ups late last week/ early this week, when a games journalist decided to write a review in which he states that fans of a certain game are perverts and perverse. Naturally that didn’t go down so well with aforementioned…

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