Marie Rose: The making of Dead or Alive’s doll-faced superstar


With a waif-like, petite figure, long blonde hair tied in the twintails fashion, and a flowery dress in the style of Japan’s popular “Gothic Lolita” style, Marie Rose was – and still is – a very different type of character to the other women that we see in Dead or…

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The upcoming range of Hatsune Miku figures includes a wedding dress and my wallet is weeping


News by Matt S.  After Tokyo Game Show, the most awesome event on the calendar each year has got to be Japan’s Summer Wonder Festival, where all the figure and collectibles manufacturers come together to show off everything that is going to inflict pain on our wallets in the coming…

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Wonder Festival 2016 gives us some new stunning figurines to drool over


News by Matt S. This weekend played host to the “Tokyo Game Show of figurines.” Wonder Festival, or WonFes, is a biannual celebration of the collectible figure industry, and as with TGS, it basically tells us what we’ll be spending our money on in the years ahead. Over on Twitter…

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