This is not a drill! Blue Reflection is back!

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News by Matt S.

Blue Reflection is one of the most beautiful games that has ever been made. But it was also one the flew right under the radar (people saw bath scenes and the school setting, and really got the wrong idea about what the game is about), so I wasn’t sure we’d ever see it return. Thankfully, Gust and Koei Tecmo have our back. Blue Reflection is getting not one, but two new games.

The big one is Blue Reflection Tie, which is being developed for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The other one is a mobile game for iOS and Android but is also getting a PC release. It’s called Blue Reflection Sun. These join the already-announced Blue Reflection Ray anime, giving us all an absolute load of Blue Reflection to look forward to.

We don’t have any further details about any of this right now, though Mel Kishida, that absolute God of art, is returning to contribute his genius with the art design. As you can see, it’s unbelievably beautiful already.

– Matt S.
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