Interview: Studio HIVE on bringing Ong Bak to videogames


If you haven’t seen the original Ong Bak film yet, then do yourself a favour and head over to your local video store’s foreign film section. This Thailand martial arts epic stars Tony Jaa, and it’s the kind of no-wires, no stunt-double action work that is so rarely seen in…

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Why I hope Sony and Microsoft realise specs don’t matter in the next generation of hardware


This year is going to be the big year where two of the three main console platform holders formally unveil new console hardware; Sony is expected to replace the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft is expected to obsolete the Xbox 360. It’s exciting. We have had this current hardware for much…

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Tecmo Koei preparing Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball announcement with raunchy DoA 5 DLC? (NSFW)


You can’t keep a good thing down. No doubt Tecmo Koei is making a killing from its DLC costume packs for Dead or Alive 5. Round eight of DLC has just hit, and there’s a distinctive theme to this one. For starters, there’s a free new stage to download. Zack’s…

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Two great things that go great together… wait, no they don’t. Good thing these two Xbox Live Arcade releases have nothing to do with each other then. The single biggest release on the service this week is far and away The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help. Telltale’s incredible…

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