Tecmo Koei preparing Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball announcement with raunchy DoA 5 DLC? (NSFW)

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You can’t keep a good thing down.

No doubt Tecmo Koei is making a killing from its DLC costume packs for Dead or Alive 5. Round eight of DLC has just hit, and there’s a distinctive theme to this one.

For starters, there’s a free new stage to download. Zack’s Island. Recognise the name? Probably not, but if you’re one of the few to have played a Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball game, Zack’s Island is the place where the DoA girls go to lounge around in swimwear and play the occasional game of Volleyball.

The rest of the DLC is paid-for; one new bikini for each of the 12 DoA girls. I think it’s safe to say these are the sexiest/ skimpiest/ most perverse (depending on your point of view) bikinis yet.

It raises the question – are we going to see a new DoA Beach Volleyball game? One that takes advantage of the HD power of modern consoles? And perhaps the Wii U GamePad (you know… camera)?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots.

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  • wait! wait! wait!

    Are… are you the only other fan of the DoA Beach Volleyball games on the planet?!?!


    I was getting lonely having the fan club all to myself 🙁

  • I for one would welcome another fine ultra-realistic volleyball simulation like DoA:BV. Not enough games capture realistic physics like that series. Beach volleyball physics, I mean.

  • Speaking of physics, I have some very serious commentary to make about Dead or Alive. These girls are way too human now. Back in the Beach Volleyball days everything was bouncing every which way. Often in completely different directions. It was mesmerising to watch.

    But with DoA 5, suddenly gravity became and thing and now they bounce like a sports bra ad. I for one am miffed, ABSOLUTELY MIFFED, by this.

    Even though I keep downloading the Bikinis.

    And yes, I did not violate my own site's comments policy. This is clearly marked as NSFW and therefore I am going to allow adult conversation. Mostly because I had a greviance to air.


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