Retro reflections: On why I love the original Doom so much


Retro reflections by Matt S.  Over the weekend, Bethesda dropped the first three Doom titles on Nintendo Switch, giving us all a rush of retro nostalgia. Although there are some small issues with the ports (most notably, that they require you to set up a Bethesda account, for games that…

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Review: Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered (Nintendo Switch)


Review by Matt S.  Red Faction: Guerrilla was a major hit for THQ (as in, the original THQ prior to bankruptcy, not the Nordic Games-renamed THQ Nordic). It soared well over the million units threshold, and was a critical darling too; on Metacritic the aggregate score for PS3 and Xbox…

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Review: Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Pierre-Yves L. Giant alien spaceships and bugs have once again attacked the Earth and it’s your job as part of the Earth Defense Force to pick up arms and defend your planet. With plenty of weapons that are both realistic and completely absurd, you’ll either be heading out…

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Video: Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain – First impressions


Video by Pierre-Yves L. Who doesn’t like Earth Defense Force? It’s B-grade action and storytelling at its absolute finest, and now the latest title is just around the corner. Related reading: For another hands-on, Matt got some time with the game at Tokyo Game Show last year. Check out his…

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