Retro reflections: On why I love the original Doom so much


Retro reflections by Matt S.  Over the weekend, Bethesda dropped the first three Doom titles on Nintendo Switch, giving us all a rush of retro nostalgia. Although there are some small issues with the ports (most notably, that they require you to set up a Bethesda account, for games that…

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Preview by Matt S.  Nope. I was going to leave it at that, because my disappointment in the marketing demo (sorry, beta) was crushing and complete, however expected it was. But in the interest of being a little more insightful, here’s a video of me playing the game quite poorly,…

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Doom returns to Xbox Live


Fans of iD software’s classic FPS rejoice! After being unceremoniously removed from Xbox Live’s servers a while back, Doom has returned. Bethesda Softworks today announced that the 1993 ‘daddy’ of the first person shooter is back and available for download as of… right now! Face off against Hell’s army as…

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