Welcome back! We had a week’s hiatus to get some other things done, but we’re back this week, in style. Nintendo’s had a whole lot of stuff out to talk about, Netflix tried its best to ruin Stranger Things on us all, and we have a good chat about games…

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The Friday Ten: The ten games to play this Halloween


List by Matt S. It’s that time of year again where everyone dresses up a little crazy and goes to some crazy parties. I’m not talking about Christmas or New Year’s of course… but rather Halloween.  Halloween is also the time for horror, and naturally there are always a couple…

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The Fast Five with Saf Davidson: Embracing gaming’s unique capacity for storytelling


Interview by Matt C.Saf Davidson spins a lot of plates. She’s a writer and narrative designer with a wide portfolio that covers game writing, reviews, prose, and criticism. She’s also the chair of the New Zealand chapter of the Independent Game Development Association (IGDA), a regular podcaster, and often appears…

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