Retro reflections: Looking back at classic, forgotten, beat-em-ups


Retro by Matt S. Once upon a time, when arcades were still a big deal, the beat-em-up was a major, major genre. It was popular for the same reason that shooters and the like are popular today; the beat-em-up was visceral in its violence, and it was designed around the…

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Nintendo rebooting 80s childhoods with the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES


News by Lindsay M. Call it a money-grabber all you want, I’m happy to hand Nintendo over my hard-earned cash for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. Instead of launching anything substantial for this year’s holiday season, this is what Nintendo is putting forth. Due for release in Australia…

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The Friday Ten: Ten of the most charismatic lead characters


Screw it. It’s been a long week, and after a few beers on a Friday evening all I can think about is which characters I wouldn’t say no to existing in the real world. But let’s intellectualise things just a little. While I believe that the “hottest characters” lists are…

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Review: Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (PlayStation 3)


Review by Nick H. When you see the name Ninja Gaiden, certain expectations spring to mind. My own history with the series dates back to enjoying the simple side scrolling arcade brawler in very difficult NES titles. After the shift to 3D gameplay the series has instead been interested in bathing…

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