News by Matt S.  Twitch is a pretty big deal; people stream videos of them playing games in real time, while others watch in and laugh at their mistakes – in other words it turns gaming into a spectator event and is the natural evolution of Let’s Plays, where people…

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News by Matt S. #MonMonth. That’s the hashtag you’re going to want to use this month! Perhaps I should explain a bit more. DDNet friend, Anne (of Chic Pixel fame), organises a community play-a-long each month, where she’ll specify a game genre, and everyone writes about their experiences playing a…

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News by Matt S.  Sitting underneath Skyrim, Dragon Age and Mass Effect is a “B-grade” of western RPG development. These games are always ambitious projects, where inevitably budget constraints mean the games simply can’t compete with the big guns. If this were the film industry, the B-grade RPGs would be…

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