Review: Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Nintendo Switch)


Review by Matt S. Anyone questioning the wisdom of having so many games being ported to Nintendo Switch, with minimal additions or changes, should perhaps consider that not everyone has had the chance to play the original releases. Case-in-point, for whatever reason I had never played Code: Realize. With it…

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The Death Mark sequel has a western release date


News by Matt S.  Death Mark was everything that I like to see in my horror. Chilling, disturbing, and also at times sensuous, even erotic, the game perfectly encapsulated that contrasting and at time complimentary mix of horror and sexuality that should be there, but often isn’t in video games.…

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The sequel to the best horror VN is coming out west!


News by Matt S. If you haven’t played Death Mark yet, you absolutely should. It’s a brilliant example of horror writing and storytelling, and one of the most intelligent, atmospheric visual novels ever crafted. And now, courtesy of Aksys Games, we are going to get its sequel: NG. NG will…

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Miku bless Aksys for continuing to publish visual novels on the PlayStation Vita


News by Matt S. Well, someone has to support the PlayStation Vita, which somehow continues to kick on as the premiere destination for visual novels. And Aksys is without a doubt the biggest supporter of visual novels. Miku bless Aksys. There are three mystery-focused VNs coming from Aksys to the…

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