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Welcome to Digitally Downloaded’s regular catch-up news feature. With each issue we will bring you the best news that you may have missed. Grab the biggest mug you’ve got, fill it with your favourite brew, and catch up with us (and our favourite news anchor, Dee Dee)!

Double Fine to publish Ooblets

If you are unaware of what Ooblets is, the studio behind the game (Glumberland) describes it best: it introduces it being like Harvest Moon mashed up with Pokemon and Animal Crossing. The result is a farming and creature collecting game in a charming universe. With this combination, it is no wonder Double Fine has picked it up.

The initial release platforms will be PC and Xbox One, with the developer confirming via comment on their blog that it will be a Play Anywhere title. No definite release window has been given yet, however Glumberland is aiming for a 2018 release.

Sci-fi retro RPG Songbringer coming to PC, consoles this year

Songbringer is the work of one man: California-based Nathanael Weiss. Two years ago, his studio Wizard Fu launched a Kickstarter campaign for the procedurally-generated RPG Songbringer, which met it’s target. Now the game is nearly complete and publisher Double Eleven is porting it to consoles, alongside the PC release this summer.

Songbringer is set in a 13,000 B.C. Milky Way, with the developer himself explicitly referencing the original Zelda game as inspiration. Other classics are cited too: the Kickstarter description states, “Songbringer takes inspiration from 8-bit and 16-bit classics such as Crystalis, Sword of Mana and Final Fantasy II.” The game stars Roq, a shirtless carefree guy cruising the galaxy in search of the ultimate party. As always seems to happen with these harmless endeavours, Roq accidentally awakens an ancient evil army and the galaxy as he knows it is thrown into war. Guess who has to save the galaxy.

When starting the game, you enter a six-letter “world seed code,” which assigns you one of over 300 million unique environment combinations. No two adventures are ever the same — but entering the same seed code will always generate the same world. This opens up sharing codes for lore, cooperation and competition between you and friends. Songbringer also supports two-player co-op mode, with Player Two taking on the role of a moustache-obsessed robot named Jib.

The game is said to offer a rich, immersive storyline and fantastical sci-fi universe littered with secrets. There are hidden realms, which will reveal doors, items, and other loot that can help you on your journey. Songbringer will come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC/ Mac/Linux via Steam this summer.

Dance for your life! The Metronomicon coming to PS4, Xbox One in 2017

The developer of The Metronomicon, Puuba, and publisher Kasedo Games (a division of Kalypso Media), announced that the game will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2017. It was released on Steam in September 2016 and received a positive response there.

The Metronomicon is a mash-up of rhythm game and RPG, featuring turn-based combat combined with rhythm tracks, side quests, unlockable and equippable gear, and a quirky sense of humor. The game modes include arena challenges, daily quests, and a freeplay mode. The soundtrack for the game features 50 songs, including 5 exclusive tracks, and the list of artists is diverse with some of the hottest electronic, synthwave, chiptune and indie artists around.

Here is some insight into The Metronomicon’s unusual angle from Kasedo’s website:
“In The Metronomicon, choose how you want to play. Good at rhythm games? Get the longest streak you can with your team of heroes to defeat your enemies. More of an RPG gamer? Level up and hunt down powerful equipment, combining a multitude of newly-learned abilities – switching between tanking, healing, buffing, and damage-dealing classes as needed during battle.”

Western release confirmed for Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

We last brought you news of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 in January — and now have a release date! Aksys Games announced that Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is coming to North America this year on PlayStation 3 and 4. PQube also announced via Twitter that it is coming to Europe too for both PlayStation consoles.

GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 is coming to Europe in 2017 for PS4 and PS3!

— PQube (@PQubeGames) February 23, 2017

If you don’t own Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 will be available as a standalone physical and digital release on PS4. If you do own Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, there will be a digital upgrade via the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS4. The digital upgrade will be cheaper than the standalone version. “Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 includes all previously released DLC from Revelator as well as new fighters, moves, story chapters and more!” Aksys Games said. “No differences content-wise for digi upgrade or retail versions. So whether you buy GGR + upgrade or GG REV2 retail, same content,” it added on Twitter.

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