Prepare for spring farming! Harvest Moon: Light of Hope coming to consoles this May


News by Lindsay M. The latest in Nastume’s Harvest Moon series, Light of Hope, is branching out from PC to the PlayStation 4 and Switch; Rising Star Games will be the publisher for Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. This new “Special Edition” will have new features to make it…

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Short ‘n Sweet reviews: Catching up on the 3DS


Reviews by Matt S. With all the excitement surrounding the Nintendo Switch, it’s easy to forget that the 3DS is still having games regularly released on to it – and I’m not just talking about Nintendo’s own games, like Fire Emblem Echoes, either. Each week we’re getting new 3DS games…

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Review: Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (Nintendo 3DS)


Review by Clark A. For over 20 years, Story of Seasons (aka the artist formerly known as Harvest Moon) has served as a light-hearted farming simulation that is inherently addictive. Caring for a barnyard might not sound tantalising on paper, but the series allows players to curate which simple routines…

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The Friday Ten: Top ten examples of slice of life in games


List by Harvard L. Who doesn’t love a good slice-of-life anime? A genre wildly popular in Japanese fiction, slice-of-life novels, anime and manga centre around the pleasure of watching ordinary, day to day interactions between people. Rather than explore adventures, battles and conflicts, slice-of-life stories eschew manufactured tension to fall…

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