Short ‘n sweet reviews: Catching up on some Nintendo Switch stuff


Reviews by Matt S. It’s just impossible to keep up with the rate at which Nintendo Switch games are being released. I’m doing my best, but when over a dozen are landing on the console every week, taken as both ports from other platforms, and all-new games, trying to play…

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Short ‘n sweet reviews: Sony PlayLink edition


Reviews by Brad L. Recently, Sony formally unleashed PlayLink on the world. A new, highly social platform for the company, the PlayLink platform involves players downloading an app to their mobile devices, which they then use as a second screen and controller when interacting with the “main” game on the…

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Short ‘n Sweet reviews: Catching up on the 3DS


Reviews by Matt S. With all the excitement surrounding the Nintendo Switch, it’s easy to forget that the 3DS is still having games regularly released on to it – and I’m not just talking about Nintendo’s own games, like Fire Emblem Echoes, either. Each week we’re getting new 3DS games…

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