UPDATE: Australia’s deadbeat classification system strikes again


UPDATE: Games industry legal professional, Josh Cavaleri, has confirmed for me over Twitter that the publishers will not need to front the cost of the re-review. No, the Australian taxpayers will foot the bill. What a way to use our money, folks. Twelve MA15+ rated games are going to go…

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With Call Of Duty: Ghosts, the Australian Classification Board again lets down the Australian public


Opinion by Matt S.  The Australian Classification Board has seen fit to give Call of Duty: Ghosts a MA15+ rating. This is the second-highest classification available in Australia and is intended to bar children under the age of 15 from playing the game under any capacity. But it isn’t the…

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Good news, Australian adults; the Classification Board still thinks you’re a child


Proving further that the R18+ rating is a complete farce in Australia, the Classification Board has seen fit to ban the release of Saint’s Row IV. The game was Refused Classification (RC), meaning that retailers cannot sell the product, on the basis that interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence…

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