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Two years ago, Square Enix announced Square Enix Collective, offering indie developers the chance to post their ideas. If the idea is popular enough, they’ll gain funding from crowdsourcing and publishing support from powerhouse Square Enix. The games under this initiative are slowly starting to trickle out; Matt got the opportunity to try out Filipino horror game Nightfall Escape at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

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Today, Square Enix Collective revealed the first game to be published under the initiative. Goetia, from French developer Slushee, is a point-and-click mystery game set in Victorian times where the player becomes Abigail Blackwood, who needs to learn why she was arisen from her grave forty years after being buried.

Goetia received a 90 per cent yes vote on Square Enix Collective’s Feedback platform in 2014 before hitting its $30,000 target on Kickstarter earlier this year. It is expected for PC early next year, but will also be playable at Paris Games Week.

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