There will be Xbox versions of Sea of Stars, after all


When its August release date was announced at the last Nintendo Direct, Sea of Stars was set to come to PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. And while Xbox consoles don’t exactly scream “play turn-based RPGs on me!” it sure seemed left out. The good news: it won’t be! Developer Sabotage…

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Preview: Path of the Midnight Sun (PC)


Last week, I covered news that the JRPG-inspired Path of the Midnight Sun will be launching in January. I was pretty excited about it. It has a strong concept: taking care outside of battles helps within battles. It’s like an entire game based on self-care! Well, I’ve now had the…

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JRPG Path of the Midnight Sun launching in early 2023


There was a statement floating around social media on the weekend stating “JRPGs were made during an era that didn’t have the tools to create action RPGs. Nowadays the average gamer doesn’t want random turn-based combats that don’t make any sense.” I don’t know who said that (I saw a…

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