Turn-based RPG The Nameless: Slay Dragon announced for PC, Nintendo Switch

How do you slay a cunning, evil dragon?

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The key art for The Nameless: Slay Dragon.

I honestly don’t accomplish a whole lot in one year. But the one-person developer of The Nameless: Slay Dragon sure must, because they’ve been working on the turn-based RPG for three years and it’s nearly complete. The game was announced today and is set to be released for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch later this year (though not at the same time, the PC version will come first).

The Nameless: Slay Dragon is described as a visually interesting turn-based RPG about a young man having a bloody feud with a dragon. Along the way, with friends by his side, he will face powerful, sinister, and tricky enemies. Each character has their own past that they don’t want to talk about, so get close to unearth their secrets.

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Every action is meaningful, from knocking down enemies to using skills to enhance your talents. You’ll need to use all possible skills (observe, listen, communicate, act) to find your path. Exploration is about choices, mostly, but also a little about luck. And it is just as important as fighting. Some choices have less impact than others, which may alter the entire story’s course.

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The game features over 20 classes that they can co-exist. Mix and match skills using sparks to create unexpected chemical reactions. Sparks of information found by fighting, exploring, cooking, and dreaming. Once infused, create a new skill that can be named.

The developer wants to respect your time. There’s no random battles, no forced grinding, and no endless maze. All endings are available in the first run. That doesn’t mean this will be a cakewalk, though. There are optional overpowering enemies to face. They don’t care if you’re still fresh. They just want to destroy you. It’s up to you whether to evade or battle them.

Developed by Nameless Sword Studio and published by WhisperGames, The Nameless: Slay Dragon will be released for PC via Steam in W2 2024. It will be released later for Nintendo Switch.

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