Turn-based action game Teenage Demon Slayer Society announced

Strategy meets stylish action.

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A screenshot from Teenage Demon Slayer Society.

Developer Strange Scaffold has been busy! It already had two announced games in the works: El Paso, Elsewhere and Sunshine Shuffle (which launches next week). It’s also behind games such as An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, and SkateBird. Today, it announced another title. Teenage Demon Slayer Society is described as a “sizzling tactical hybrid” and “a bold new turn-based take on character action games.” It features style ranks, customizable movesets, and endearing characters.

Demons are flooding to a small Midwestern US city, Fall Rapids, thanks to shady government deals conducted in the 1980s. Humanity is basically doomed, but some darned meddling teens are willing to help out. Send the demonic hordes back to hell in flashy turn-based battles inspired by games such as Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, while also experiencing a supernatural slice-of-life comedy. The game gets to the heart of strategy games without getting bogged down with obscure states, complicated interactions, and other nonsense.

Each playable teen brings their own unique (and customizable) moveset to battle, so there’s a different experience every session. Get S-ranks, discover the secrets of Shadow Jersey, and find your family in what’s accessible character action tactics game.

In a press release, Strange Scaffold’s creative director Xalavier Nelson Jr. says, “Every time I try and play a new strategy game, there’s a good hour or more of tutorials I have to go through first. I’m excited to make a tactics game that finally welcomes you to just smash some stuff as soon as you open it. Then you get to save the world! All to pumping lo-fi beats, of course.”

Developed and published by Strange Scaffold, Teenage Demon Slayer Society will be released for PC in 2024.


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