Chinese martial arts RPG Wandering Sword launches in mere weeks

Become a Wuxia martial arts master.

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The key art for Wandering Sword.

Wandering Sword, a unique RPG experience that combines pixel art with the deep allure of ancient Chinese martial arts culture, had a demo that did really well as Steam Next Fest in February 2023. It was actually towards the top of the most downloaded demos list. Today, its release date was set. The best part of this news? It’s less than a month away!

The story follows a young swordsman entangled in a feud. Immerse yourself in a vast open world with over 74 locations, from bustling towns, scenic mountains, and picturesque rivers to treacherous terrains. Each location promises to provide a distinct, immersive experience. Form bonds with 14 other martial artists, lending a hand when needed. Hone an array of martial arts skills and weaponry. Eventually, our dear protagonist will become a legendary Wuxia master, as is his destiny.

Wandering Sword features a myriad of martial arts moves and weapons to master. There are hundreds of martial art techniques and weapon styles to unravel and achieve true mastery of martial prowess. The game allows players to switch between turn-based mode and real-time mode, catering to both traditional RPG players (that’s me) and those who prefer fast-paced action (that’s so not me).

The game is about 20 hours long, and offers high replayability. The ending is influenced by your in-game decisions. Each playthrough offers a new experience providing you make different choices, adding longevity to what could be (but shouldn’t be) considered a “short” game in the world of RPGs.

“We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated official release date of Wandering Sword,” says Aldric Chang, CEO of Spiral Up Games, via a press release. “Having garnered a top spot in Steam Next Fest’s most downloaded demos, we can’t wait to see our player community delve into the full experience. Wandering Sword is a testament to our dedication to deliver a rich, immersive RPG that encapsulates the richness of Chinese Wuxia culture in striking pixel art. We look forward to seeing the reception by RPG enthusiasts worldwide.”

Developed by Swordman Studio and published by Spiral Up Games, Wandering Sword will be released for PC via Steam on September 15.

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