The Friday Ten: The ten best narratives to load onto your Nintendo Switch


List by Matt S.  With the Switch being on the market for a few years now, and having proven to be a darling with developers of all sizes, there are a lot of games on there. A lot. Thousands, in fact. And with that comes some great stories. People generally…

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Ranking the Final Fantasy series! (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #28)


With the HD remaster of Final Fantasy VIII released this week, the DDNet team took the opportunity to look back at all the Final Fantasy (numbered) series, and talk about the good, the bad, and the way the series has evolved over time. That’s right. From Final Fantasy I through…

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Final Fantasy VIII, Studio Ghibli and games that kids and adults love equally! (Digitally Uploaded 2018, Episode #13)


This week on the DDNet podcast, we take a break from video games to discuss Studio Ghibli and the impact that those amazing films have had on us. And then we’re right back to games, talking about games that kids and adults can enjoy equally, and then Final Fantasy VIII…

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