Review: My Hero One’s Justice 2 (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Clark A. With the original My Hero One’s Justice, developer Byking assembled a competent anime arena fighter. Its stylish comic book aesthetics harnessed My Hero Academia’s spirit and the combat system leveraged even the cast’s most eccentric superpowers. Much like series protagonist Midoriya Izuku, though, its untapped potential…

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Dead or Alive 6 update: Hairstyles, panties, Chinese dresses, and so much more!


Video by Matt S. FINALLY! Finally I can give Marie Rose green hair and she can cosplay as Hatsune Miku, bringing the two greatest things together. Unfortunately, the most recent updates to Dead or Alive 6 haven’t been without controversy, because Koei can’t seem to stop attracting anger about this…

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Video: Dead or Alive 6: Sexy Santa lingerie… I mean “swimsuits”


Video by Matt S. Dead or Alive 6 just got the sexiest DLC drop yet. Koei Tecmo decided to deliver a Christmas present, in the form of the most ridiculously skimpy Christmas-themed “swimwear” costumes yet. There’s also a new character to play with, in Rachel, and she’s great (and a…

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Video: Dead or Alive 6 gets gorgeous summer dresses


Video by Matt S. Yet another round of Dead or Alive 6 costume DLC has landed with us, and this time around it’s beautiful, flowing summer dresses. These costumes actually really impressed me. From a technical and animation standpoint, skin-tight swimsuits and similar isn’t such a challenge. Getting a long…

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