News by Harvard L.  I think this trailer recontextualises my understanding of Remedy Entertainment’s whole catalogue of games. They’re not fans of sequels, instead choosing to push new IP out whenever possible, and their games tend to be cinematic, narrative driven and somewhat underappreciated in the modern gaming canon. But…

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E3 2018: The adorable Ooblets is a welcome break from E3’s bloodlust


News by Matt C. It’s easy to get jaded about E3’s obsession with violence, guns, blood, and gore—a trend that continues into 2018. Luckily, we have adorable games like Ooblets to balance things out, with a new trailer during the PC Gaming Show putting a spotlight on the game’s dance-based…

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News by Lindsay M. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve hit my E3 wall and I’m burnt out; it’s unfortunate because I’m certain Nintendo deserves my energy. Smash Bros. is a given, but I think everyone is just waiting for a new Animal Crossing. I’ve heard absolutely nothing else…

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News by Lindsay M. It’s day three of four of our press conference coverage, and it’s the busiest yet! Starting things off with a hopeful bang is Square Enix; while all eyes seem to be on the developer/publisher for Final Fantasy VII, I’m actually most curious as to whether we’ll…

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News by Harvard L. We’ve seen our fair share of wastelands this E3, from urban, to nuclear, to zombified, but none could be described as beautiful until now. There are few games on show this year which are truly eye-catching, and then along comes Sable which expresses the simple joy…

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