New Life Is Strange teaser promises that all will be revealed soon


News by Lindsay M. First, there was the trailer for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a playable demo leading to Life Is Strange 2. Then it was released, and while some people loved the demo, I found it lacklustre. So I’ve still been waiting for something more concrete about…

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Review: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Trent P. As Dontnod Entertainment moves into progressing the Life is Strange series, the biggest question is how the writers could even progress a series when it seemed like the characters from the original were too big to move on from. To quell these doubts the developer created…

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News by Lindsay M. It’s day three of four of our press conference coverage, and it’s the busiest yet! Starting things off with a hopeful bang is Square Enix; while all eyes seem to be on the developer/publisher for Final Fantasy VII, I’m actually most curious as to whether we’ll…

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