News by Harvard L.  I think this trailer recontextualises my understanding of Remedy Entertainment’s whole catalogue of games. They’re not fans of sequels, instead choosing to push new IP out whenever possible, and their games tend to be cinematic, narrative driven and somewhat underappreciated in the modern gaming canon. But…

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Review: Death Rally (PC)


A shareware classic returns to the PC courtesy of Remedy with a fresh coat of paint, a full tank of gas, and a brand new chain gun. I never played the original Death Rally that debuted on the PC way back in 1996, but it’s one of those games that…

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Death Rally revs it up again on PC


Classic car combat title Death Rally is set to assault PC’s one more time this August. Remedy first released DR back in 1996 on the Personal Computer platform. Now the top down racer has been totally rebuilt with both a new graphics engine and brand new art style. The game…

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