DDNet podcast now live! On International Women’s Day and Aussie games galore


Okay, so let’s call that first podcast a trial run. Now we’re back with the second, and it has a new home, music, and all that good stuff! This week, Alan, Chris and Matt talk about their favourite female game developers and characters. With it being International Women’s Day last…

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Review: Assault Android Cactus (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Dylan C. Assault Android Cactus (AAC) is a pure, distilled, frantic, fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat ride that is elegantly constructed and lovingly crafted. Aussie developer Witch Beam should be applauded for absolutely nailing that fiendishly addictive, “one more go” feeling that twin-stick shooter stalwarts hunger for. Basically, AAC is awesome.…

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Interview: Santana Mishra on dual-stick shooters and indie development in Australia


Last week at PAX Australia, Digitally Downloaded’s Sam sat down with Santana Mishra, the designer of Assault Android Cactus to talk about the state of independent development in Australia, the benefits of creating an arcade-like multiplayer game, as well as the role of the Wii U and handhelds for indies.…

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