Neo-noir shooter El Paso, Elsewhere launching for PC, Xbox later this year

Watch the new monster-slaying trailer

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A screenshot from El Paso, Elsewhere.

First person shooting is out and third-person shooting is in with horror shooter slash love story El Paso, Elsewhere. Today, the developer announced its target launch window and showed off a new trailer showcasing a “fresh” look at game’s slow-motion third-person action. Yeah, it’s kind of gory… but at least only fictional monsters are being killed! Shooting is much more palatable when its not based on a real war.

The game is set in the growing extradimensional void beneath a motel in El Paso (Texas). James Savage is confronting both past and present threats. He’s got an injured body and a broken heart, but he still keeps limping forward. He will visit otherworldly venues such as a burning Victorian manor or a claustrophobic meat locker while “dealing death” (come on, just say killing!) to classic monsters from folklore and fiction.

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He learns that his ex-girlfriend, who just happens to be the lord of vampires, is conducting a world-destroying ritual. Savage must return to El Paso to kill the very monster who broke his heart. Plunge 50 floors beneath a haunted motel in search of the vampiress before its is too late and she permanently alters the only universe we know.

Players will learn what led Savage and his monstrous ex to break up, as well as how and why he was drawn back to town, though “exquisitely designed” flashbacks and “stylish” monologues.

Savage has to use pills to keep the pain away, while using weapons such as dual pistols, shotguns, uzis, and stakes to kill his way through the motel. The best advantage the player has is Bullet Time, activated by itself or by diving with whatever weapon they intend to fire.

Developed and published by Strange Scaffold, El Paso, Elsewhere will be released for PC and Xbox (specifics have not been announced) in Q4 2023 (or “fall,” as the developer states).

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