Medieval fantasy RPG life sim Mirthwood announced

Farm, fight, forage, and friendship.

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The key art for Mirthwood.

All a developer/publisher has to mention is that something is inspired by Stardew Valley, and I’ll be immediately drawn to it. Mirthwood is one of those titles, though it’s also inspired by Fable (love it!) and Rimworld (haven’t played it). It’s a captivating single-player game about an epic journey through a beautiful world filled with mystery and magic.

Players create their own adventurer, who is a refugee who recently fled from a war-torn continent. The world is completely open with non-linear progression, so players can decide what sort of life they want their adventurer to lead. For example, those with wanderlust can choose to navigate through treacherous forests, explore ancient rulings, and battle against formidable creatures to uncover hidden treasures. Those who yearn for a simple, settled life can build up their own farm with crops and animals.

The game offers a deep and engaging experience, with a rich world and questing systems filled with twists and turns. The world is unpredictable and players will have to make choices that affect their character and others, which means multiple playthroughs can result in very different games. There’s a robust crafting system that has players creating powerful weapons and items to help them out. The world is fully realized, with hand-drawn graphics and an original musical score.

At your homestead, you can build a farm, plant plants and harvest crops, rear animals, and upgrade your facilities. The open world is comprised of six diverse regions and three distinct towns. Fighting offers real-time combat against a variety of enemies. Adventurers can embark on quests, encounter dynamic events, and investigate mysteries across the world. Finally, meet and befriend (if you so choose) any NPC, unlocking new interactions as the friendship grows.

Developed by Bad Ridge Games and published by V Publishing, Mirthwood will be released for PC in early 2024.


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