Little Friends: Puppy Island releasing in June

Welcome to puppy paradise!

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A screenshot from Little Friends: Puppy Island. Under a cherry blossom tree is a dog statue, and two dogs. One dog is dressed in workout gear, the other like a pirate.

When I first wrote about Little Friends: Puppy Island, I was surprised to learn it was actually a sequel to Little Friends: Dogs & Cats. This game focuses solely on dogs frolicking around an island paradise, with no cats in sight. (I’m a bit bummed there’s no cats, since I’m the definition of a crazy cat lady – I tried to convince my spouse we needed a fourth cat just days ago.) The game will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch, and a June release date was announced today.

The game features nine puppy breeds, including shibas, labradors, corgis, huskies, and dachshunds. Walk them across diverse locations like sandy beaches and cherry blossom sanctuaries, dig up hidden treasures, build and expand a holiday resort, and meet pups to care for – all on a pretty tropical island. The dogs can then be dressed up in over 350 outfits and accessories. Care for the pups by bathing, brushing, feeding, walking, and playing with them.

The ultimate goal, aside from making doggo friends, is to build up the island while discovering new locations. New locations open up new options, like building toy, clothing, and accessory shops. When it comes to the dog friends, aside from basic care players will need to improve their obedience, agility, and endurance; levelling them up is what allows access to new areas of the island.

“Little Friends: Puppy Island is an adorable puppy adventure that we can’t wait for players of all ages to experience,” said Katie Clark, Senior Product Manager at Fireshine Games, in a press release. “Combining a cozy island adventure with the features of a traditional puppy sim, Little Friends: Puppy Island is bigger and even more adorable than the best-selling Little Friends: Dogs & Cats. We’re so excited for everyone to meet their new puppy pals this June!”

Developed by Big Blue Bubble and published by Fireshine Games, Little Friends: Puppy Island will be released for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 27. The Nintendo Switch release is both digital and physical.


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